First name :   Mel
Location :   Winnipeg
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Great story. The interaction between the boys is Great. I especially like watching Jimmy grow

First name :   James
Location :   Hartselle, Ala
Subject :   Dancing on the Stars
Comment: :   I have gotten behind a few chapters and finally got caught up tonight. Previously thought that I had figured out how the story might end. Needless to say all of that went out the window after tonights reading. I have always liked your stories and this

First name :   David
Location :   Manheim, PA,USA
Subject :   Greetinhings
Comment: :   Greetings and best wishes. (Smile)

First name :   Matthew John
Location :   South Africa
Subject :   Every single story on here
Comment: :   Just had a session in catching up. Binge read “dancing on a ⭐️” in one setting. As always. Each of your stories has the phenomenal capability to kidnap the reader into another place another time and another journey. Themustardjar is the best

First name :   Bob
Location :   Sarasota, Flordia
Subject :   Your Stories/Talent
Comment: :   I have read everything you have posted and you should know that I thoroughly enjoy your work and it is very much appreciated.

First name :   John
Location :   San Francisco
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Just wanted to say that I enjoy this story so much. Ive read everything youve written, I think, and this is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Like they are not all my favorites. John

First name :   Bill
Location :   Itving, Texas
Subject :   Stories
Comment: :   Love all of them. Wish we could get more

First name :   Brian
Location :   Hampshire, UK
Subject :   Dancing On A Star
Comment: :   Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this story so far. It is well crafted; the characters live on the page. Thank you for your skill and the hard work going into your work.

First name :   Simon
Location :   Plano
Subject :   Stories
Comment: :   Your stories are great! I have read them all! Keep them coming! Just finished 26 dancing need more!!!

First name :   Alec
Location :   Idris
Subject :   Absolutely brilliant
Comment: :   And author’s mind must always feel like the ocean–a deep never ending sweet mysterious nightmare, never quite understood but loved by all.

First name :   Peter
Location :   Germany
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   THX for the last chapter. Its always a ray of light during this times. Stay safe & healthy. Greetings from Germany

First name :   Brandon
Location :   Pittsburgh, PA
Subject :   Stories
Comment: :   I stumbled across Dancing on a Star in the Nifty Archives. Once I had read to the end of what was posted, I decided to check out this website. I’ve quickly discovered a trove of stories written by a very talented author. These beautiful tales are truly un

First name :   Kevin
Location :   HP NC
Subject :   Thanks for the Latest Chapter
Comment: :   Been A long time Fan Reader. Thanks for Posting your Stories. It Change my life for the better.

First name :   Michael
Location :   Lagos
Subject :   Dancing
Comment: :   Very well thought out, well written, I havent been so moved by a story before, absolutely love it.

First name :   Dewayne
Location :   Tennessee
Subject :   A mourning storm
Comment: :   Ive read all your stories so far except the new one. Love them all

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