First name :   john
Location :   Georgia smyrna
Subject :   You Promised Me a Tomorrow
Comment: :   Just completed You Promised Me a Tomorrow found it very heart warming and cried several times I wish things in life allways turned out ok

First name :   john
Location :   smyrna georia
Subject :   great stories
Comment: :   i have only read a few of your stories so far. keep up the good work

First name :   Greyson
Location :   Alabama. US
Subject :   A new fan
Comment: :   Love what I have seen of your writing style thus far. So much heart.

First name :   Marc
Location :   Miami, Fl
Subject :   Dancing On A ⭐️
Comment: :   Truly a wonderful story from beginning to end. From Jack, to the trajectory of his mom Helen, to even Jimmy, this story was just wonderfully told, and I appreciate you for writing it. It took me on a journey, one that I was so glad to be on. Congratulatio

First name :   Mike
Location :   Kingsburg. , California
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Just wanted to express my appreciation for a great story.

First name :   Chris
Location :   UK
Subject :   
Comment: :   I love the new Site design

First name :   Toby
Location :   US
Subject :   All Your Stories
Comment: :   This reminds me of when I discovered Tolkiens Lord of the Rings just before college finals--my grade suffered that year. Ive been reading Dancing on a Star on Nifty, and just discovered your Mustard Jar site. Since then Ive read through every series...but

First name :   Bob
Location :   Florida, USA
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   I enjoyed reading all your stories and look forward to your next. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

First name :   AD
Location :   Florida
Subject :   Door number three
Comment: :   I really appreciate and enjoy your writing. Your ability to present a realistic depiction of an elaborate story keeps your stories so compelling

First name :   Kevin
Location :   Riverside, IL.
Subject :   Dancing On A Star
Comment: :   That story had me rivited waiting for the next chapter to arrive. I was entranced by it. Thank you for that and all your other stories that have entertained us all loyal readers.

First name :   Jim
Location :   Indianapolis USA
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   Nice story cant wait to see who ends up with whom

First name :   John
Location :   Illinois
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   As always, I loved this story. They take me on a journey of love and hate, hurt and joy, anger and redemption. I always cry. I wish I had your stories to read as a teen but nothing like this existed back in the 60s. Thank you for walking me through a part

First name :   Larry
Location :   Salt Lake City, Utah
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Ive been sitting here pondering Dancing on a Star, actually all your stories, poems, etc., and realized why I enjoy your writing so much. You are able to capture the emotions of each of your characters in such a way that they become my emotions. I laugh w

First name :   Rich
Location :   Pompano Beach, FL
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   That story was fantastic! It made me think back to coming out and how difficult it was, but in the end, it all worked out. I guess I danced on that star!

First name :   Ian
Location :   NE England
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   A very interesting and involved story. I am glad all the characters had a happy ending. I have seen the Nutcracker twice, and it is a lovely ballet to form this story around xx

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