First name :   James
Location :   U S A
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   Very good so far. Wish I had a time machine so I didnt have to wait to find out what happens

First name :   Larry
Location :   Salt Lake City, Utah
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Im almost 87. My wife is upset because Im reading your story. I really appreciate the low key sex and I really enjoy the story. It brings back many fond high school memories even though they were painful at the time. Keep up the good writing. Growing up w

First name :   Ron
Location :   Illinois
Subject :   stories
Comment: :   I love your writing. You have a wonderful style and I like the way you keep the drama and the sex all mixed up. Keep it up.

First name :   John
Location :   SF Bay Area
Subject :   Dancing
Comment: :   I have read every story, I keep thinking each is the best yet and that you are at your peak. WRONG! Dancing on a Star is simply amazing. I love the characters, well the mom blows, but hey canít win them all. I love how Jacks dad stepped up. I feel bad abo

First name :   G
Location :   Illinois
Subject :   Dancing On a Star
Comment: :   Ive been a fan for many year. Keep up the good work!

First name :   Ken
Location :   San Diego
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Liking the story just read chap 30.Now Jeff freaks out.This group of guys are odd

First name :   Steven
Location :   California
Subject :   Dancing On A Star
Comment: :   Thank you for this being a longer story. During this time we are going through it is really something more special to look forward to new chapters but also to reread previous stories. I think I have read everything 3 times through at least. You have been

First name :   Kevin
Location :   Riverside, IL.
Subject :   Stories
Comment: :   There hasnt been a story so far that I havent enjoyed. They are well written and thought out. Thank you for taking the time to entertain us with such wonderful writing. Keep up the great work.

First name :   Jason
Location :   Utah
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Excellent story, I have truly enjoyed reading it.

First name :   Ronyx
Location :   TMJ
Subject :   Re: Membership
Comment: :   Hi Mike. Welcome to TMJ. There is no membership required. My stories are posted free for everyone to enjoy. Thanks.

First name :   Mike Laba
Location :   USA
Subject :   Membership
Comment: :   Hi my name is mike a friend of mine told me about your site. I love reading short stories about gay youths and bi youths actually anything related to coming of age stories. Is there a membership in order to read any story if so how do I get a membership t

First name :   Ken
Location :   San Diego
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   Just to let you know Im reading It and enjoying it.

First name :   Edward
Location :   Memphis
Subject :   Dancing on a Star
Comment: :   Enjoy all of your stories

First name :   MacKenzie
Location :   Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Subject :   Your Stories
Comment: :   I love how you draw in people into the story and make the characters realistic. Please keep up the excellent work or as humanly possible! Thank you for all the hard work you go through for us the readers!

First name :   Robi
Location :   Florida, USA
Subject :   Dancing on a star
Comment: :   Ive read the first 7 chapters so far. I like what Im reading so thank you for sharing.

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