Todays Date :   9-29-09
First Name :   douglas
Last Name :   sowter
City/State :   lisle illinois
Email Address :
Comments :   just enjoying your website...its very refreshing to see a Anglican parish that still lives by the word of the Living God...Praise be to Jesus....God Bless you all..

Todays Date :   9-18-09
First Name :   Lori
Last Name :   Martin
City/State :   New Lenox, Il.
Email Address :
Comments :   Hello, my name is Lori Martin and i wanted to let Gloria Dixon know that her balloon that she must have launched from church made its way to New Lenox Sunday Sept. 13th. I am unsure if this information is relevant anymore but wanted to inform Gloria and t

Todays Date :   August 4 2009
First Name :   Ray
Last Name :   Sharpless
City/State :   Belton MO
Email Address :
Comments :   I belonged to St Pauls Reformed Episcopal Church - address Winchester Ave and Adams St, Chicago IL. Does your current church organization have any history with the old church. I see in Google Earth that the old church building is still standing, seemingly

Todays Date :   12 Dec 2008
First Name :   Rev Francis
Last Name :   Wardega
City/State :   clinton Twp MI
Email Address :
Comments :   I am part of Missionary Society of St John, in process of joining REC - step two. Saw the website - very nice. May the peace of Christ be with you.

Todays Date :   10/27/2008
First Name :   Timothy
Last Name :   Alexander
City/State :   Oklahoma City OK
Email Address :
Comments :   Peace and Blessings be with you! My name is Tim, and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ; and the creator of 2 christian websits to help bring spiritual encouragement and inspiration to others. I pray that you may be blessed by these sites, and

Todays Date :   July 7, 2008
First Name :   Judy
Last Name :   Meyer,nee Johnson
City/State :   Surprise, Az
Email Address :
Comments :   I am trying to locate Rev Sellers. He was my pastor for many years. He officiated at our wedding, Nov.1963 and was a wonderful & dear friend to my entire family. I babysat for the children at home and at the seashore. As we are about to celebrate our 45th

Todays Date :   Aug. 21, 2007
First Name :   Scott
Last Name :   Davis
City/State :   Moberly
Email Address :
Comments :   Just wanted to look at your website. I am currently a licensed layreader and hoping to be ordained to the priesthood.

Todays Date :   Aug. 2, 2006
First Name :   Frank
Last Name :   Watts
City/State :   Langley AFB, VA
Email Address :
Comments :   Great website and beautiful church!

Todays Date :   4-26-2006
First Name :   Father Roger
Last Name :   Bell
City/State :   LaCrosse, Indiana
Email Address :
Comments :   Your church is a wonderful example of traditional Anglican architecture. Trust that you will be attending the APA Synod in June. Info at

Todays Date :   7 April 2006
First Name :   Davide
Last Name :   Lopez
City/State :   Milano (Italy)
Email Address :
Comments :   May God bless you all. Your sermons are very helpful for me who have not the possibility to attend a Reformed Episcopal Church.

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