First Name :   Nadine
Date :   4/19/2017
Comment :   Hi! I enjoy to see your collection!
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First Name :   Daniel G
Date :   
Comment :   Interesting collection you have there Ann.
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First Name :   Indradeep
Date :   November 24, 2016
Comment :   Wonderful collection. Would love to have something on the banana massacre of 1928.
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First Name :   Barry shulman
Date :   Oct 23/2016
Comment :   I just stumbled on your museum ,its great .i have one of the banana murils by Dean Cornwell,its been in our family since the 1950s,it was on the wall of my fathers grit store for many years
email address :   barryshulman@
First Name :   rosanna
Date :   masiola
Comment :   Useful and tantamount to cultural studies, media studies and Afro-American studies.
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First Name :   rosanna
Date :   23.08.2016
Comment :   Very very important for my Italian and International students in P/G course on Advertising!! Rosanna Masiola University for Foreigners of Perugia ITALY
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First Name :   John
Date :   4/14/2016
Comment :   Very fun site! Ill keep my eyes peeled for more banana art!
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First Name :   Rab
Date :   10 march 2016
Comment :   Just to say how much I enjoyed my visit to your online museum . I have been inspired to go up to my attic and try find my Fyffes Bananna Boy a 2ft tall shop display from the 1920/30s. If I find it, can I send you a picture. Thanking You Again Rab
email address :   Robert_Deacon48@Hotmail.Com
First Name :   Cody Permenter
Date :   07-25-15
Comment :   Great stuff!
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First Name :   Anna
Date :   Banana
Comment :   Hi Anna, Im compiling the Encyclopedia Bananica binders for my retrospective exhibit 45 years of foolling around with A. Banana, opeing Sept. 18 at Art Gallery of Victoria and Sept. 19 at Open space, also Victoria . . . hope you could come up for the Regi
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