First Name :   nancy
E-mail :   
Comment :   hey you guys, this is your no. 1 fan. I sure miss my boys. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love you Nancy
First Name :   Rebecca Bradley
E-mail :
Comment :   You guys are great I love watchin yall perform. Cant wait to see it again someday..
First Name :   Nikki
E-mail :
Comment :   you all were great at Train Days down in Hinton... :)
First Name :   Diana Mohney
E-mail :
Comment :   Way to go Jake! I knew you could do it! God Bless you! Diana
First Name :   juanita
E-mail :
Comment :   I saw u guys at hinton Railroad days in hinton this sunday.I Loved the music.
First Name :   Beckie
E-mail :
Comment :   You guys were a wonderful blessing last night at Stanaford New Beginnings!!!!!
First Name :   Alexis
E-mail :
Comment :   I love the pretenders!!!!!!!!
First Name :   Charles & Sharon
E-mail :
Comment :   My husband and I enjoyed your talent. May God continue to bless each and every one of you. We hope to see you soon. Keep up the good works of the Lord.
First Name :   Destiny Deweese
E-mail :
Comment :   I seen you at the Reunion at little beaver state park. You guys are great. I wish i could hear you more often. God Bless You!!!
First Name :   Brinda Renick
E-mail :
Comment :   I attended your concert yesterday, May 20th, at Enon Baptist Church in Frankford and was totally impressed with your group. It was awesome. I bought your DVD and went home and watched it. Very good. I know you spend a lot of time practicing, that is evide
First Name :   Roxy
E-mail :
Comment :   i luv ya guys!! miss ya bunches!! keep it up!! ttyl
First Name :   Jodi Persinger
E-mail :
Comment :   I have seen the Pretenders twice,once at the dogwood festival in Mullens,WV and the other time was in Meadow Bridge,WV and I loved them both times. Im going to try and see them everytime I can.
First Name :   crystal
E-mail :
Comment :   you all are great
First Name :   tammy
E-mail :
Comment :   hey all of you guy i am just writeing you a letter to you guy are so great to sing four me and my sister will you write me back your friend Tammy ayers here is my E_mail
First Name :   LouAnn
E-mail :   lalcowgirl
Comment :   I am so thankful for your faithfulness in serving the Lord. I love you 2Cor.5:7
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