First Name :   Pastor Mike
E-mail :
Comment :   Our church (Valley Baptist) had the pleasure of having The Pretenders perform on Sept.9th..They were a true blessing to each one there that night...especially too me and my family! God Bless each of you!!
First Name :   John Cooper
E-mail :   
Comment :   Sweetness guys! This site put a huge smile on my face! It makes me happy
First Name :   Betty
E-mail :
Comment :   I just checked out your web sight. It is awesome! Since I attend the Open Door Church I am very proud of the fact that is where it all started. Keep up the good work!
First Name :   Jennifer
E-mail :
Comment :   You guys are awesome-- I think this looks great. I cant wait to see the show!!
First Name :   michael
E-mail :   
Comment :   Michael Hart from UAB in Birmingham Al., just bragging on yall and my dad.
First Name :   Loretta
E-mail :
Comment :   Thank you from the Meadow Bridge Homecomeing Festival. Your performance on 8/5/06 is still being praised around town. Sorry the audience was not too large. It is always a slow time of day at the festival. My special memory will be when I was returning fro
First Name :   Ashleigh Whelan
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey Do you remember me? Me and Candy made you all hotdogs.It was in font of Ashleys Store.Well just wanted to say hi. Bye
First Name :   Mandie
E-mail :
Comment :   I what to siad to gays. I be stating high school Aug 21,2006 A day afert Somebody Brithday.
First Name :   Jodi Persinger
E-mail :
Comment :   I have seen you twice in concert and I think you are great. Hoe to see you again.
First Name :   brian foster
E-mail :   
Comment :   we just want to thank you for all of your love. you guys are awesome!
First Name :   Kimberly again
E-mail :   (I got cut off)
Comment :   More than just the 1st. lol You know I should atleast get a little bit of recognition for starting the whole cheek pinching thing!j/k. Hopefully see or hear from u soon! GOD bless!
First Name :   Kimberly R
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey guys. Been a while since I saw ya, so I thought Id just drop in to see what was goin on. Keep working for the Lord. Ive always God loves a cheerful giver, and you guys fit that description. Isnt it funny how you ask for a 1st name and everybody gives
First Name :   Jonah
E-mail :
Comment :   You are comimg to my church at Zenith, WV in sept.I cant wait the pastor there is my dad!
First Name :   Desirea Smith
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey I saw u guys at Rupert and I loved it, u were great! Well mabye yall can come to our church sometime and let more people see how great u are. Well g2g cya!!
First Name :   darlene
E-mail :
Comment :   Heard you guys at Rupert and we are going to be getting you to come to our church as soon as we can pick a day. God bless and keep you and give you souls for your labor. We loved you. I was the Harlot. I always get to do the bad one. Ha..
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