First Name :   Maurnetia
E-mail :
Comment :   saw you for the first time tonight at Beaver 1st Baptist and really enjoyed you. My husband Jerry was the bass singer for the other group that you sang with. God Bless you
First Name :   Mandie
E-mail :   new_york_14_10
Comment :   I have fun at my church at homecoming. I than you for my photo. have fun in WestV
First Name :   Kelsey Surber
E-mail :
Comment :   im from First Babtist Church of Hinton I really enjoyed the music. P.S. i hope you liked the food! Kelsey
First Name :   Leslie Cook
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey guys!! Im one of the girls that lit the candle during service(the tall one)at the Mullens United Methodist Church!! I was just checkin out the webpage!! You guys were great!! Hope to hear from you guys soon!! God Bless! Leslie
First Name :   Kaylynn
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey guys, this is Kaylynn I dont know if you remember me but I am from Calvery Ass.. And i just wanted you to know that I think you guys are awesome and I wanted you to know. So just wanted you yo know that so I am going to shutup before I say something
First Name :   Jenna
E-mail :
Comment :   Hay! omg Robbie! i havnt talk to u in forever!! i miss u soo much!! and i wuld luv to hear from u again! so when ya can give me a holler! ok!! cya!! Lylab
First Name :   Vickie Billings
E-mail :
Comment :   How great it is that God uses you in your ministry for His Glory. Keep up the good work and always walk with God.
First Name :   Deloris
E-mail :
Comment :   Thank you so much. Ive gotten nothing but praises for your performance at St. John on 8/27. May God continue to Bless each of you. Deloris Kidd
First Name :   Shirley Wheeler
E-mail :   Wheeler
Comment :   These Boys are the most fascinating group I seen at the W.Va State Fair. My Husband and Mother agrees with me. We loved the group.
First Name :   Krissy
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey dudes!!! You guys were AMAZING last night! You really brought my spirits up! Thanks for everything, my friends and I reall appreciate! If you ever get bored & want someone to talk to email at or call me 304 466 0093. Keep u
First Name :   renee Lilly
E-mail :
Comment :   aleah loves you guys if your close we have to come see you. she has a dvd and video that she watches all the time she know just about all of your songs . you guys are really great and do a good job . keep living for Jesus and you all will go far.
First Name :   Corey
E-mail :
Comment :   Hey Pretenders. You all do some really great work for the Lord, Keep it up!! I really like the site, you did a great job designing it Robbie. Yall r Awesome!
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