First name :   Raul
Location :   Mexico c
Subject :   Stories
Comment: :   Very good stories to read

First name :   Kevin
Location :   Springfield il
Subject :   
Comment: :   Love to read the stories.should be published

First name :   Peter marks
Location :   U.S.A
Subject :   All
Comment: :   You are such a wonderful writer i have went through all your stories and am still looking forward for another .thanks.

First name :   Patrick
Location :   Colorado
Subject :   Fan
Comment: :   Always a good read

First name :   Greg
Location :   Springfield il
Subject :   Loving your stories
Comment: :   Thanks for all the time and effort you put into each story. I go thru all emotions when reading them, happy, sad, mad, jealous. Itís truly an enjoyable time.

First name :   Raymond
Location :   Myrtle Beach SC
Subject :   Christmas Miracle
Comment: :   This was a beautifully written story and I enjoyed it so much.

First name :   Rob
Location :   Washington state
Subject :   praise
Comment: :   I started following your writings at GA. I find your stories, style,characters and messages very compelling. Please keep up the good work and sending good messages of hope and tolerance to our young people. Bless You!

First name :   Azorf
Location :   England
Subject :   All of them
Comment: :   Love all the stories, cant get enough of them!

First name :   Sanjaya
Location :   Washington, DC
Subject :   Youre an amazing writer
Comment: :   I love every single one of your stories. Theyve made me laugh, cry, any emotion you can imagine. My favorite is A Mourning Storm, I still cry when I think about it lol. Continue writing, youre amazing! Best, Sanjaya

First name :   Ryan
Location :   California sf
Subject :   The storys
Comment: :   Freaking love them the have made me have strong emotions its amazing loving them. My favorite so far is Brittle As a Bird. Loving them thank you

First name :   David
Location :   Apple Valley, CA
Subject :   Birds dont sing before a storm
Comment: :   I just finished reading the story on Nifty. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the story very much. It was well written and kept me interested from chapter 1 through the end. Thanks again for a fine story. Best regards, David.

First name :   Vrael
Location :   Texas
Subject :   Edutainment
Comment: :   To be honest, this was one of the best stories Ive read. It was both fun and educational at the same time. Thanks.

First name :   Sophia
Location :   NYC
Subject :   The Entire Work
Comment: :   Reading these stories was an escape from my own reality back in 2012. A lot has changed in my life since then. But whenever I felt sad I would always return to the mustard jar hoping there would be a new story for me to fall in love with again. Much like

First name :   John
Location :   Ft. Pierce, Fl
Subject :   Other Sins
Comment: :   This story brought back a lot of memories of my time at church. I loved the story and by the end had tears running. Thank you

First name :   Cal
Location :   Aus
Subject :   All stories
Comment: :   I have been reading your stories for a long time now, and with each story the thrill gets better, your characters, plots and story are amazing, never stop, and I look forward to what comes next

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