Comments :   We had so much fun last year. Looking forward to attending again.
Your Name :   Sandy
Doxie Name(s) :   Zeppelin
Comments :   We love Winterfest! See yall there!
Your Name :   DJ
Doxie Name(s) :   Fritz Gertrude Gretl oskar
Comments :   Coming from the west coast in Cape Coral, FL to see all the wiener dogs with my two boys and little girl!
Your Name :   Peggy
Doxie Name(s) :   Botsey, Bailey and Candy the BBC
Comments :   we love this event weve been going every year since it started and its grown so much!
Your Name :   Rosie
Doxie Name(s) :   Frankie and Woody
Comments :   See you there!
Your Name :   Barbie & Onan Castillo
Doxie Name(s) :   Sofie
Comments :   We love Dachshund Weiner Fest keep up the good work my whole family looks forward to it every year!
Your Name :   Vera
Doxie Name(s) :   Schatzy, Oscar and Louie
Comments :   Absolute success, getting better and better
Your Name :   Maria
Doxie Name(s) :   Susie and Fudge
Comments :   We are so excited! Were coming with Milton Theodore, Thelma Pearl, Charlie Max and Hannah Banana! Thelmas brother, Chester is coming with his humans, too!
Your Name :   Maggie & Andy
Doxie Name(s) :   Milton, Thelma, Charlie & Hannah
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