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Comment :   very good website!!! is there a way I can have a copy of Annual Reports of the War Department 1903 part 3?
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Comment :   its a very nice website about our picturesque provinceprovince
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Comment :   I think that the BATTLE OF PULANG LUPA should be considered for reenactment by people in Marinduque as a tourist attraction on the actual date of these events...many historical reenactments are being done around the world and this one is very important...
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Comment :   ExcelleNT SITE WITH GOOD AMOUNT OF ACTUAL DOCUMENTATION....keep up the good work and thanks...MABUHAY!
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Comment :   Very interesting website, a lot of information. Well be visiting Marinduque this coming holy week again. See you there...
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Comment :   good thing you made this, its about time to have asite like this for the whole nationa and the world to see that there a place so peaceful like this in the face of the earth
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Comment :   very rich in historical information
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