Todays date: :   5.11.2019
Your name: :   Samuel Mayhew Wilson
Are you a descendant? :   collateral- see comment
Your email: :
Comment: :   John Woolman is a first cousin 8 times removed. His grandparents (John Woolman m. Elizabeth Barton) were my 8 th great grandparents. I come down from Elizabeth Woolman m. Robert Hunt, Sr.
Todays date: :   Feb, 22, 2019
Your name: :   Helen Duda
Are you a descendant? :   No
Your email: :
Comment: :   I am interested in the John Woolman Memorial Hugelkukter garden.
Todays date: :   December 12, 2018
Your name: :   Cynthia Mariano
Are you a descendant? :   Yes
Your email: :
Comment: :   Hello, I started researching my genealogy three years ago. I quickly discovered that I am a direct descendant of the progenitor, John Woolman. Iím wondering how many of his living descendants are still of the Quaker faith, as I am. It was passed on to me,
Todays date: :   8/16/18
Your name: :   Danielle Murphy
Are you a descendant? :   Yes
Your email: :
Comment: :   Hello, my grandmother, Margaret Ann (Simpson) Murphy and I spent hours talking about the Woolmans this evening. Her uncle is Collett Woolman (my great great uncle). Hes a 9th generation Woolman, making her 10th generation, and myself 12th generation. I en
Todays date: :   7/28/2018
Your name: :   Lance W Gauntt
Are you a descendant? :   Yes
Your email: :
Comment: :   Visited the Memorial dozens of times with my Mother as a child....never knew I was a descendant. Spent an hour or two (time flies) there with Charles last Saturday....very enjoyable. Thank you for the research Woolman Central!
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