First Name :   Baba Margo
Comments :   I found them , and they are absolutely gorgeous ! Congratulations !!
First Name :   angie
Comments :   enjoyed your pictures
First Name :   Steve
Comments :   Well, I know I havent exactly kept in close touch, between work and all, but Rupert has been growing and learning nevertheless, and is a great, great dog. Hes very well behaved, and doesnt bark (only on command, or when hes frustrated at me), and has a se
First Name :   Roxanne
Comments :   Hi Jamie - Season Greetings to you and your family.....hope all is well.Wilson is doing great....I just took these pics - he is grown like crazy.Two weeks ago when he got his shots he was 31.2 lbs.....and he has thelongest body and legs......we are having
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