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Your Name :   Jamie H.
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Your Comments :   Love the site and hope you keep up the great work.

Your Name :   john zeigler
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Your Comments :   great site.

Your Name :   Mike Houser
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Your Comments :   This is awesome!! I stumbled upon it after searching Italian Penn State players. A few buddies and I started thinking of the all-Italian team during the MSU blowout this weekend. Would lead to the All-Polish, All-Great Name, etc. etc. Thanks for all the h

Your Name :   eugene vitali
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Your Comments :   please let me know if you have a copy of the 1982 nebraska-penn.state game program.I was at the game and lost my program.also how much it cost. Thanks,gene vitali

Your Name :   Ed Kabala
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Your Name :   Vic DiSanto
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Your Comments :   Dear JSW, My site is a reflection of the stats & players of PSU football. The Facts are Sandusky: 1.) Played for PSU. 2.) Was a 3-time letterman. 3.) Was a starter on the 65 team. These are facts and I will not revise history because he is a bad man.

Your Name :   John S.Wingertsahn
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Your Comments :   why in the world would you keep Sanduskys name and recoginize him in anyway on your website?

Your Name :   Bob George, Allentown, PA
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Your Comments :   I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful site you have created. It is like going back in time for me. I started following Penn State football when my neighbor Rosie Imps daughter Diane married a guy named DENNIS ONKOTZ. I was a paper boy in

Your Name :   Joe
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Your Comments :   Thank you so much for creating this site. I have always looked, without success, for much of this information but now I know exactly where to find it. Keep up the good work!

Your Name :   Randy Iles
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Your Comments :   My first home game experience as a freshman was Ohio U in the fall of 1969. Seeing all the old names from that year was a blast. Definitely a bookmark as a place to win bar bets......

Your Name :   Bob Kienel
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Your Comments :   Im a Notre Dame fan, but also a college football fan. This is the most informative site on any college football team, Ive come across, and that includes N.D., Nebraska, Texas, Bama and so on. Many thanks for your hard work, cause it does take boo-koos

Your Name :   Doug Fredercik PSU 90
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Your Comments :   Great Site

Your Name :   A.T. Hayden
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Your Comments :   Great site man...need rosters for all classic/historic teams on NCAA 06 video game. The game is really deep w/teams, so I make them as authentic as possible with correct roster names...Your dedication makes it all worthwhile...!! Thanx. p.s. Im a Vet and

Your Name :   The Hagenbaugh Family David, Heather, Cameron, and Mackenzie
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Your Comments :   Your website is AWESOME! You would make Lou Prato proud!

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