First Name :   Dr. Dorothy J
Last Name :   Blanks, TH.D
Comments :   I am moving to your town and is looking for a church for me and my family. His Faithful Servant Elder Dr. D.J.Blanks, TH.D
First Name :   Duane
Last Name :   Advento
Comments :   Its my honor to know you Pastor Atchison and your ministry, We do hope and pray that someday you can visit us in the Philippines to share and to impart to us as a Pastor the new revelation of the word of God this last days... Thank you once again for sen
First Name :   Terrie
Last Name :   Monroe
Comments :   I love this site guys. Good job.
First Name :   Lian
Last Name :   Shearman
Comments :   Very beatiful church and nice website. Regards from Lian family at EL Sanctuary, Malaysia.
First Name :   Rev. Joshua
Last Name :   Posey
Comments :   To Harvest Temple, the website looks great!!! God Bless!!
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