First Name :   Eamonn
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Comment :   Found your site while searrching for help with DADGAD. I am from Ireland and have a long time passion for Irish traditional music. Found a lot to help ma progress with learning the guitar. Thank you and good luck or as we would say in Irish Go raibh ma
First Name :   Pete
Comment :   Hey Strummer!!! I just want to say THANKS... Your Website has become one of my faovrites to visit.. I am a novalist guitar player, and learning the open cord tuning of G has really helped me along... Just want to say thanks and keep up the good work..
First Name :   Ron
Comment :   Just discovered your site, fantastic, Ive been stuck in open D for a while, now Im opening up to open G, and beyond. Thanks. Ron
First Name :   whitney
Comment :   first timer. site looks interesting. i will try some of it and see how well i learn this way. thanks for the site. whit
First Name :   Liza
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Comment :   This site was EXTREMELY helpful! This has now become one of my most visited sites! Thanks so much for putting up the things u have and ur sight rocks!!
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